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When inhaled foreign body should be how we deal with the baby throat
Published:10/7/2014 10:47:53 PMViews: 1667
According to daily Le Casino said: expert analysis 

Throat when inhaled foreign body, the baby can occur immediately cough, asthma, etc., and in severe breath, pale purple. Then parents should remain calm, encourage the baby cough, which is a body of self-protection. Sometimes can be expelled by coughing. 

Foreign body airway cough cases caused by the more common, no witnesses, about 50 percent of the children when foreign body inhalation, 20% of children over one week after inhaling foreign material before going for treatment. Therefore, for unexplained persistent cough for children, the mother should rule out the possibility of foreign body aspiration, such as failure to remove foreign bodies, can lead to permanent airway damage. 

Mom classroom 

When the baby cough, do not pat the back, in order to avoid foreign body displacement. 

Mom when to feed your baby food, do not let the baby inhaled the mouth, but rather use the spoon into the mouth. 

Develop your baby good eating habits during meals, do not talk, laugh, run, jump, not to rebuke baby. 

Home where the baby can touch, do not put small items such as buttons, coins, peanuts. 

When there is a persistent cough without the name, the first time thought the doctor, instead of self-medication. 

Pneumonia cough 

Mom tells 

Jun-Jun began to cough a few times only occasionally, within a few days on the development of fever, continuous cough. I quickly gave her to eat cold medicine, antipyretics, not only failed to bring down a fever may Jun-Jun, also appeared in asthma symptoms, I was terrified, rushed her to the hospital. After checking pneumonia. 

Expert analysis 

Some children lungs phlegm, but no cough out, in the lungs piled up to form sticky sputum. When the Secretary of the texture thickening of the lung form of lower respiratory tract infections, bronchitis usually serious it turned into pneumonia. At this point, viral infections can be combined into a bacterial infection, the child's symptoms are fever, leukocytosis.