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You know what kind of beans is more suitable for you?
Published:10/7/2014 10:48:37 PMViews: 1775
In the market, dazzling variety of beans, soybeans, mung beans, red beans, black beans, you know what kind of beans is more suitable for you? Different beans, you know how to eat it? Tofu, silk tofu, tofu skin, a variety of soy products, you know which is more nutritious? 

State two public nutritionist I Qi says: 

Beans on the market there are actually more than 100 kinds, but according to specific categories, only two. One is soy, including soy beans and black beans, and the rest are counted as other legumes. These two types of beans, nutritional difference is relatively large, so eat them will have different stress. 

Which bean starch content? After testing, we found that red beans, mung beans, red kidney beans starch content has reached 55%, white kidney bean starch content has reached 47%, while the starch content of soybeans and black beans is only about 20%. High starch content, taste soft, some will, so if you do if porridge or bean paste, then we would use red beans, mung beans or kidney beans up. 

Which beans high fat content? 

In the edible beans when we want to know the fat content of each beans, tested we found: black beans, soy relatively high fat content, the basic 15% to 16% level, even higher than the fat content of beef the red beans, mung beans, red and white kidney beans fat content between 0.6% basic to 1.4%. 

Because the fat content of black beans, soy is high, heat is also very high. 

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