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Summer Tips prevention of common diseases
Published:10/7/2014 10:46:11 PMViews: 1691
What is common in summer there? Doctors for Healthy Living Network Xiao Bian said that summer is the high incidence of heat stroke, heat stroke and intestinal infectious diseases, although these deadly diseases is not easy, but it can not be ignored, attention to prevention and treatment is critical. Here, the doctor to detail this knowledge. 

One common summer: heat stroke. This is because people in the summer high temperature environment, temperature regulation function will be out of balance, will be a substantial accumulation of heat in the body, causing the body's water and salt metabolic disorder phenomenon. Mild stroke, the best drink salt refreshing drinks. If dizziness, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms, it is necessary to take Dan or Huoxiangzhengqi water. If you are a patient with severe heat stroke, family members carried in addition to your shade, but also immediately make an emergency call, so as not to delay treatment of treatment time. 

Doctors suggest that in order to avoid heat stroke, good sunscreen is important, but also to ensure adequate sleep, regular warm bath, which can effectively help reduce the temperature of the heat. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, moderate drinking some salt water, bean soup, sour plum and other soft drinks, which are a good way to prevent heat stroke. 

The two common summer: heat stroke. Because conditioned house with outdoor temperature difference is relatively large, if frequently out of hot and cold rooms, the brain will be repeated expansion and contraction of blood vessels, especially those who suffer from cardiovascular disease in the elderly more susceptible to heat stroke. 

Doctors advise that the best way to prevent heat stroke is to properly adjust the air conditioning, so that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor minimize, drink plenty of water and light tea. 

Summer common three: intestinal diseases. Due to the relatively high summer temperatures, the food is not easy to store, accidentally spoiled. Summer is also a high incidence of various mosquito breeding, they are also the major communicable diseases were. Prone to intestinal infectious diseases, cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, food poisoning, water poisoning. 

The doctors told us that the best prevention is to try not to eat leftover food every meal overnight, cutlery, food, etc. should pay attention to hygiene, avoid flies, mosquito bites. Seafood cooked food must be cooked to eat. Do not drink unboiled water, avoid water pollution. Maintain indoor and outdoor hygiene, wash hands frequently bathe.