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Development of the child's interests and hobbies, let the children do the things they like
Published:10/7/2014 10:49:44 PMViews: 1665
Interest in the development of the child's interests, let the children do the things they like, but also the children leave online, real-life regression effective strategy, but also helps develop the child the ability to delay gratification and attention. 

Reduce the burden on children's learning, creating opportunities for peer playmates activities 

Parents should fully mobilize factors neighbors, community, friends and classmates of the children actively participate in peer activities for the children to create the conditions. Such as after-school age children to let their children play freely with their neighbors; holidays about three to five friends, colleagues, family outings; winter and summer youth activities to encourage children to participate in various community committees and other organizations. 

Positive persuasion, to fully tap the positive role of education of the game. If the child is not addictive game, stiff mandatory "block" rather than positive clever "sparse." Talk about the game with their children, parents and children can become effective communication and understanding of the starting point. If proper communication between parents and children, the game can become a better guide their children into the real world "bridge." Game "vegetables" rule is not reversed, the lack of labor steps that can inspire children to be aware of doing anything to follow the objective law, there must be hard to pay and patience; interpersonal interaction between the rules of the game, can inspire children interpersonal reality "in order to get others to treat, we must first be kind to others," the "golden rule" to guide children learn considerate, take into account the feelings of others, and so on. 

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