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Most suitable for Chinese people's anti-flu food
Published:10/7/2014 10:46:59 PMViews: 2051
H1N1 flu has spread to the mainland, how to strengthen immunity against H1N1 influenza has become a topic of concern, reporter specially invited international registered dietitian Zou Chunlei, we recommend some of the most suitable for Chinese people's diet method to prevent influenza . 
     Garlic soup can care disease 
     Garlic porridge adults and children (six months or more babies) are applicable. Modern research shows that garlic contains garlic is known as a strong bactericidal effect, people can play raw garlic a day clovenfooted best garlic health disease resistance. 
     Just make garlic soup and rice cooked together with garlic. When the garlic and cook porridge for the children to pay attention, 6-12 month baby to eat two a day; 1-3 year-old baby to eat four a day; 3-12 years old eat six a day. 
     Tea can regulate body pH 
     Black tea is one of the United States recommended anti-flu food, Harvard University researchers found that, for two weeks to drink five cups of black tea a day, the human body will produce large amounts of anti-viral interferon, and its content is 10 times the people do not drink tea, this protein can effectively help the body to resist the flu. 
     Tea can also adjust the pH of the human body. In addition to tea, the green tea, jasmine tea is a good choice. 
Fungi can enhance immunity 
     Fungi rich nutritional value, can enhance human immunity. You can cook the mushrooms or soup, some common foods can also be freely and mushrooms with meat, chicken, fired, shredded pork. Since the fungus may have harmful substances, so the best first scalded with boiling water before eating, remove harmful substances. 
     One Less fruits and vegetables whole grains 
     To prevent disease, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, one less. The best selection rich in vitamin C-rich vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers and pepper. Eat apples, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, water chestnuts, yam, wolfberry, bamboo fungus and so on. In addition, whole grains should account for half of the daily staple food, in order to avoid a lack of vitamin B lead to decreased immunity.