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Pharmaceutical discussion around the themes of emancipating the mind
Published:10/7/2014 10:50:36 PMViews: 1649
NEEDHAM, Massachusetts, November, destined to be a memorable day. Shanghai Sports Institute will soon celebrate her 60 birthday, the campus has been decorated, covered with flowers, with a new look to greet her birthday. Martial Arts Academy under the overall guidance of school celebration work began on the 9th of the alumni homecoming reception work, and conducted a series of alumni activities. 
     Retired teachers back to school discussion: GRATEFUL refresher 
     At 10:00 on the 9th, Martial Arts Academy successive leaders and retired teachers back to school first forum was held in the conference room. Meeting by the Party branch secretary Zhao Han Martial Arts Academy hosted, vice president of Shanghai Physical Education Professor Zhao Guangsheng, Maohe Qing Wan Bo bridges more than 10 leaders and old retired teacher and martial arts college faculty participated in the forum. 
     Beginning of the meeting, Vice President Bobby St. arrival here of the old leaders and old retired teacher expressed sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks. Zhao Han secretary also invite you to speak freely old teacher, I implore everyone to older people's wisdom can give valuable advice and suggestions for the future development of Martial Arts. 
     Next, we hope-filled celebration mood to watch the Martial Arts Academy videos, and listened carefully 戴国斌 dean for development overview Martial Arts Academy built since the reporting system. Here the old leaders and old teacher Nan Yi excitement and joy of feeling the heart that today's martial arts school has achieved rapid development, access to the rich fruits, really predecessors inherent power, epigenetic more awesome! They suggested that in the future in addition to continue to inherit the old military tradition of unity and hard work of water, the need to be in terms of development and innovation: a combination of martial arts and culture need to go further; enrollment work to improve, and expand enrollment the number and international influence; teachers need to be further enriched for key teachers should focus on training, protection aces; curriculum to butt social needs, technical and practical ability of students to be further enhanced; after the development of competitive martial arts can not fall; at the right under the conditions and opportunities to consider re-do a new profession, such as martial arts management, marketing, and other martial arts. Older people speak these wonderful, insightful, won everyone bursts of applause. 
     Finally, 戴院长 to speak of you old veteran leadership and passionate expression of heartfelt gratitude that everyone's opinions and suggestions can be described as noble words, the future development of Martial Arts Academy of great benefit. To seek a better future development, we will continue to inherit the fine traditions of the older people, firmly over the baton to lead the Martial Arts Academy faculty to continue to explore, innovation and development! 
     Back to School Alumni Panel: heart alma mater memorable Shien 
     13:00, alumni, students and exchange forum will be held in the college conference room. Alumni guest and student representatives from nearly forty people attended the forum, chaired by the deputy secretary of the Party branch Martial Arts Academy, Vice President Cheng Hua. 
     Alumni to participate in this forum guests have their own businesses boss, there are teachers in Shanghai in the education system to work, there are companies in the white-collar work, there were martial arts spread and trade work abroad returnees, etc., so that their arrival the students feel excited, contacts and exchanges can close their life experience and work experience for students most benefit wealth. 
     The meeting will begin please alumni watched the promotional video taken during the recording celebration Martial Arts Academy; then drive 华书记 simply introduced the development in recent years, our hospital; then most of the time left to the interaction between students and alumni. Students speak up to ask questions, to put forward their outstanding alumni confused or interested in the issue. Such as how to plan for their cross-sectoral work, for the future, if engaged in for what teachers should prepare for university life, please senior Shijie Men give suggestions ...... 
     Warm atmosphere throughout the forum, sincere feelings, speak wonderful, seminars effects beyond our original expected, but also a series of activities for the celebration of our hospital adds a touch of bright color. 
     Dr. alumni discussion: suggestions and seek common development 
     15:00 Dr. alumni forum held in the conference room. Symposium hosted by the President Dai Guobin, Martial Arts Academy first doctoral tutor Professor Qiu Pixiang, Party branch secretary Zhao Han, martial arts faculty and upper body on behalf of the National Traditional Sports doctoral alumni held a forum. 
     Zhao Han alumni secretary first speech to present to welcome them back to his alma mater, to celebrate sixty birthday. 
     Symposium on Martial Arts Academy promo kicked off a warm atmosphere. Then, Dai Guobin president to alumni introduces the development and future vision of Martial Arts Academy. Today also hopes other universities in the nation specializing in traditional sports held important positions here alumni of his alma mater and national traditional sports development suggestions. 
     Most of these doctoral alumni leaders of tertiary institutions has grown into people pass disciplines. They expressed their gratitude to the alma mater of love, thanks to his alma mater and a high level of cultivation platform. Subsequently, we mainly focus on the development of national traditional sports and disciplines of the topic. Everyone thinks upper body position to lead the national traditional sports and continues to play a role in the discipline at the same time, we should first strengthen its efforts to reinforce the martial arts culture and educational research. Martial inevitable development from sports to culture, martial arts education is not just physical education, more important is the national culture and national spirit education; Secondly, we must carefully dig efficacy in the fitness aspect of martial arts to better human health services. Meanwhile, in terms of doctoral and master's training should intensify and requirements. 
     Professor Qiu Pixiang alumni after listening to the discussion, but also the people pass message to the upper body professional to "far-sighted, farsighted, high rhyme affectionate" to the indomitable spirit of open innovation glory. 
     Finally, Dai Guobin president said the Shanghai Sports Institute of National Traditional Sports Professional will depend on carrying predecessors sustenance, alumni build strategy to "complex as a link" to "upper body as a banner," so that the development of national traditional sports to a new level. 
     Teachers and students in the school talent show: enjoyable to share the wonderful 
     On the 9th at 16:30 pm, Martial Arts Academy teachers and students in the martial arts wonderful art show staged. The event is one of the martial arts extravaganza anniversary celebration college series of activities aimed at teachers and students to alumni to show good spirit and full of talent skills. At the initiative of the House leadership, careful preparation of each Department, Party branch offices, graduate student associations, student unions and coordinate efforts to protect, party and government leaders together for Martial Arts Academy, many alumni representatives and all teachers and students in the school dedicated to a visual feast . 
     Talent show host in Yongchao in passionate intensity but contains no shortage of witty discourse began. First, under the leadership of the host, all the students stand up to the alumni, teachers line Baoquan ceremony, as an expression of the contribution they have made in the development of martial arts college gratitude and respect. Then, in a happy, loud gongs and drums, the Lion Team with brilliant performances show the "Dragon Lion Yue He Xiaoqing," the joy of breath. 
     The entire program is compact and yet warm. Department martial sending program "Tang hand of the Road" in a deterrent to roll the dice in the audience demonstrated karate routines, techniques and sparring; Health Department should select the "Tai Chi charm," "Heaven and Earth" in mildly beautiful music sound, all the audience once again appreciate the charm inherent in the Taiji firmness and flexibility, internally and externally, affordable movement of Chinese cultural characteristics. Routine Department should select the "swords" in the passion of the music, the program shows, including boxing, knife, sword, and many other martial arts classic routines or action, led my mind to an audience of teachers and students pride of the gas. In addition, the Department of Sanda martial students also had a "general education" results show, they both routines, but also fine Sanda sparring, winning applause. 
     As new entrants to the professional martial arts school, performing talent Department classmates brought cocktail: zither, flute, guitar and other musical instruments, ballet, jazz, modern dance, Xinjiang dance, hip-hop, sports aerobics dazzling programs one by one, people overwhelmed. 
     When the eighth show debut when the atmosphere was detonated an instant audience, because athlete grade teachers debut. Martial Arts Academy Youth teacher Han Liyun, Ding Liping, Wang Jiqiang, seats cake heir, Li Jianwen, Zhou Tian Fen room with a one-trick demonstrated by a thorough knowledge and charisma conquered all audiences present. 
     When everyone thought it wonderful stop there when I participate in school celebrations hospital program "extreme environment" will debut again the whole atmosphere to a climax, the perfect combination of dynamic and static, Zen and martial combined two for one , explained the unique Zen martial spirit. Tai Chi, collective sword, double sword, collective fist, wonderful sparring highlights one after another so that the audience humbled and privileged, whom praise, but also oriented sub talent show drew to a successful close.